Coronavirus supplies: How to make hand sanitizer with

This Is the Day features a series of embellished garments and helmets created for the exhibition that probe the layers of meaning and potential power presented through the ritual of dress. Also debuting is the video I Was Here n95 mask, an original time based work commissioned by the Wellin Museum that investigates the intersections […]

Then I can imagine artificial life becoming almost as common

What your opinion of artificial life? If we keep building machines as feverishly as we are now, and they gradually become more complex, adaptable, and intelligent. Then I can imagine artificial life becoming almost as common as biological life in the future. If we ever decide that robots and AI are “life”, they will be […]

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“Six straight state titles is a testament to the program. We’ve set the bar. Now the chase begins for title No. In truth, the Center Club was never as hidebound as the classic old boys retreats depicted in New Yorker cartoons, with their wingback chairs cheap jerseys from china, aged rugs and equally aging members. […]

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The Gold Ribbon Awards honour achievement in broadcasting in various categories including community service surgical mask, breaking news, humour n95 face mask, public affairs, and promotion of Canadian talent. The CAB has again this year broken records for the number of entries received, with a total of 544 submissions an increase of 5% over 2006. […]