Hello, I tried making a VR drum game myself a couple years

I still admire the man tremendously, but this movie is just not good work. I adore Buck, but this movie. Not so much.. You gotta start chipping away at that internalized guilt about the supposed “conflict” between being spanked (or receiving any kind of physical sensation in the bedroom) and feminist theories of nonviolence. BDSM, […]

Jon trained as a general news reporter with a British

I sat quietly for a few moments, and then imagined that twinkling star, and began talking. I explained all of this, explained that I wasn’t ready, that the time just wasn’t right, and implored that presence to wait, and go now vibrators, that she might come back again. I was crying hard having this conversation, […]

So, we not only have a supermarket chain that banned shopping

Woodward attended United’s win over Chelsea last week Ed Woodward says Manchester United are for a successful end to their season and reiterated the rebuild of their squad will continue in the summer transfer window.United moved to fifth in the Premier League with wins over Chelsea and Watford last week surgical mask, and are favourites […]

Sometimes, as much as we talk about that, it falls flat, so

But think about it a little first. Because nothing is un sexier than saying the most wrong thing in the history of EVAR. Conversely Pussy pump adult sex, many men do not enjoy being called patriarchal pee factories, meatheads, or little dicked mama’s boys. A pharmaceutical company has recalled blood pressure medication after detecting trace […]

Who knows, but talking about it all this way, both being as

Posts/comments are removed based on the rules listed here as well as listed on the sidebar. I have recently made some minor word changes which I plan on explaining in said post I plan on writing after I finish this comment. If you at any time have issue with a removal by all means feel […]

Ireland have a date against the Barbarians in Thomond Park in

Hopefully that means we have seven matches to get us locked and loaded for the key pool clash against the French in Cardiff. Ireland have a date against the Barbarians in Thomond Park in May and I think that tie should be used to have a look at some of fringe players. After that it […]