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Despite the pain, Carolyn finished the first season.[14]Jones was married four times. While studying at the Pasadena Playhouse, Jones married Don Donaldson, a 28 year old fellow student. The couple soon divorced.[15] Jones was subsequently married to television producer Aaron Spelling from 1953 until their 1964 separation and divorce;[16] Jones converted to Judaism when she […]

The police themselves can be victims: Many years ago

Talks like these between partners, friends or lovers are personal, intimate exchanges, not professional speeches we’re giving to thousands of people who paid $500 a plate to hear us talk, after all.Ideally, talks about sex and boundaries like this tend to go best when we have them outside an immediate sexual context. In other words, […]

If you are not foursquare to the opponent

Consider offside rules. If you are not foursquare to the opponent steroids, the contest is rotten. In hockey and football, there are lines: scrimmage (notional but enforced) and blue (actually painted on the ice). The result is brilliant, with the top of the rocket called “stuff going into space” and the rocket stage aiming for […]

Wolves, dingoes, coyotes, hybrids, etc

So far, they haven’t garnered much attention from mainstream conservative figures, though they’ve begun to intersect a bit with national political commentary. Coulter’s rant about Jews over the summer was met with approval by Spencer. Her public persona has become more and more tied to a kind of white identity politics; Coulter’s book Adios America! […]

The 2 1 and 1 2 records may not show that Anibal Sanchez and

Most people know steroids as athletic performance enhancement drugs. However, a new trend is surfacing throughout the UK, a growing number of ordinary citizens are now using steroids to achieve slim and appealing figures. Due to recent research confirming a heightened rate of obesity in the UK, average people are using the drug to avoid […]

Mom’s wedding day pearls received a second inauguration

Super Bowl advertisers obviously hope for a good game on February 2, to maximize the number of people who will see the commercial they paid big bucks for. Advertisers probably don care too much about which specific teams are playing, however. As long as the masses tune in and absorb the messages sent over the […]

Made offers on 3 houses (one I even offered on twice after

Perhaps because these factors milked life from the dance, BIPED ran the risk of other Cunningham pieces that seem too repetitive and/or too long let your attention flag. Aaron Copp lighting, which bronzes the dancers flesh, is fine, and Suzanne Gallo costumes are superb cut unitards in fabric that lends its panoply of jewel tones […]